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About Madeleine Wood

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Australian born and raised feature vocalist and songwriter Madeleine Wood is easy to spot in a crowd with her unusual striped hair style!

She currently sold everything she owns, except her microphone, laptop and soundcard, and has decided to travel and write for a little while.

“I want to be immersed in parts of the world that are unfamiliar to me so I can experiment with renewed inspiration, create new experiences with new people and environments, and hopefully expand my memory bank of potential songwriting material”.

Who Is She

Imaginative, original, transparent and bold, Madeleine is so in love with creating music. When working with Madeleine a collaboration means a collaboration in its truest form, gathering as much information and detail as she can from the other parties about when and where, how and why a song idea was conceived before getting started.

“I want to know what people were feeling, or what mood they were in, or what was going on for them the day they came up with the instrumental or concept for the song. Songwriting can be a very personal process at times and I think vulnerability is key, the deeper someone is prepared to go the better the song. I am truly passionate about working and co-creating with others to help achieve our creative vision”.


So far her writing and feature work has appeared on the latest SEGA Sonic The HedgehogSonic Forces’ Game and Official Soundtrack with songs Nowhere To Run & Fading World, Black Hole Recordings, Armin van Buurens ‘A State Of Trance’ as ’Tune of the Week, Armada Music, Above & Beyond's ‘Group Therapy’ sessions, Markus Schulz ‘Global DJ Broadcast’, Cosmic Gates’s ‘Wake Your Mind’ show and Anjuna Beats Rising Volume 9 compilation album. 

‘The Program’, written by Funk LeBlanc and performed by Tom Aspaul, was supported by UK newspaper The Guardian as well as Official Charts UK, Billboard UK, media and news company Gay Times and was made ‘Beat Of The Week’ by Gaydio radio station.


Tracks With Madeleine Wood

Drama Karma

drama karma
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The Program

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The Fix

the fix
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The Fix ft. Madeleine Wood (Champion Edition Hyper Fighting Remix)

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Find More Of Madeleine Wood Here

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