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About us

 How we got started

I grew up in Los Angeles. I've been making music off and on since the 6th grade. I started by making bootleg remixes that I would share on an email blast to all my friends. At first my mailing list was small, but after a while it grew pretty big. My friends would reply with compliments and that gave me motivation to keep doing it.

Our Roots

In addition to producing remixes, I also liked to DJ. I started out DJing house parties in high school. In college, I started to get more serious about it and would DJ weekly at various bars and clubs. During this time, producing took a back seat to focus on DJing and promoting events with my friends. 

Funk LeBlanc performing at gig in San Francisco 

After college I decided to move to the Bay Area. I took a break from DJing and event promotion and wanted to focus on my first passion of producing music. 


Our Type Of Music

My favorite artist growing up was Michael Jackson. Thriller is my favorite album of all time. When I learned that Quincy Jones was the producer of that album, I started to listen to all his music. My opinion is the music he produced from the late 1970s to early 1980s is the best music that's ever been created. My music is my interpretation of the Post Disco Funk that was prevalent in that era. My wish is to share my love of this genre of music to listeners with similar tastes.

Artists that Inspire Us

There are several artists that seem to share the love of Post Disco Funk. These artists include Daft Punk, Justice, PNAU, Chromeo, Breakbot, Oliver, Purple Disco Machine, Empire of the Sun, Classixx, Gigamesh, Todd Terje, Louis La Roche, Miami Horror, Penguin Prison, Jean Tonique, SG Lewis, and so many others. Neil Rodgers' production and amazing rhythm guitar playing have been equally as been inspiring. 

Funk LeBlanc photo with Breakbot


Performing alongside with Breakbot at Audio SF

Artists that we have worked with 

Fred Falke, Oliver Nelson, Cooking with 3 Burners, Televisor, Tom Aspaul, Holland Greco, and Madeleine Wood.

What draws us to collaborate with other artists

I can play several musical instruments and can write catchy melodies, but I wasn't blessed with a good singing voice nor can write compelling lyrics. Fortunately I been able to collaborate with talented vocalists and writers who also share my compassion for this style of music. Without them many of the song published would not be possible. 

We love creating beautiful music that people will jam out to and love

What we love about the artists we work with

Collaborating with artists give us the opportunity to combine our strengths for a common goal. Each artists has their own style and approach, and that makes each production one of a kind.


Working with Madeleine wood at studio in London


Why We started Funk LeBlanc

Funk LeBlanc is a continuation of my love of producing music with a focus on the Post Disco Funk that was popular during the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

Funk LeBlanc with music artist Gigamesh

What are goals are for the future and the fans

Future goals include producing more music, providing merchandising for our fans, DJing events, and possibly a live show.


Funk LeBlanc Djing at Daft Brunch in San Francisco

Our goal is to perform in front of all our fans!

Yamaha piano with a statement from Bob Ross that we are happy bunch

Keeping it fun and making music that listeners enjoy. We want everyone to be happy, including ourselves. We try to balance our lives and still do what we love. 


Artists that we have performed with

Artists that Funk LeBlanc has performed with includes Oliver Nelson, The Noisy Freak, Bolivard at Audio SF 



We hope you like our music 

Feel free to browse our collection of music. We hope you enjoy our music. If you do please subscribe to our newsletter to hear all our newest tracks. We don't spam or send you multiple emails because we wouldn't do something we don't like either. Most likely you will just get one email a month of our latest releases. See it as a gift from us to you and check it out. We promise it'll either be super funky or classical. 😎

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