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About Holland Greco

picture of Holland Greco


Holland is a wonderful artist and we love working with her. Our first track together was Lovestruck, and from there it was magical. Not only has Holland created some amazing music, she has worked with us on numerous tracks, one of which was one of our biggest hits called Real Love

Who Is She

Holland is an artist who says she plans to write and perform songs forever! She is inspired by and capable of expressions from punk to pop, and loves putting poetry into every lyrical phrase.

She loves to collaborate with talented musicians and music professionals. She wants to give the world music that moves people the way that it has for her: uplifting and true.


Holland has had some amazing achievements. As a former band member of The Peak Show she was signed by Atlantic Records and has a song for the cartoon show Looney Tunes!  Having grown up watching Looney Tunes, we think this is pretty cool!

She's also performed as a Score Vocalist on...get this...Star Trek, War for the Planet of the Apes, Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire, Start Wars Rogue One and more!  Being a huge Star Wars fan this is super awesome, and we feel fortunate to have such a talented artist working with us! 

Below you can find the tracks that we have worked on together. Check them out - we hope you like them. Enjoy!


Tracks With Holland Greco

Real Love

real love song cover
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Listen 4 my Love

listen 4 my love cover art
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Toast to Life

toast to life cover art
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Heart in Hand

heart in hand
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lovestruck cover art
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Find More Of Holland Greco Here

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