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About 1999

1999 is a track heavily inspired from all the amazing tracks released by french disco house labels before the turn of the millenium. Back then producers would sample late 1970s disco records and apply filtering over a Roland 909 based beat. Instead of sampling an old record, we sampled ourselves. We applied catchy house lyrics typical of the era. The result is a groovy french disco house inspired record that you might mistake was originally produced in 1999.


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Lyrics for 1999

I know its been a long time
lets party like its 1999

Just stop the tape and rewind
And party like it's 1999

Long time, 1999
Rewind, 1999

If the beat comes through your feet
Clap your hands 1 time
If you mind and body meet
Clap your hands 2 times
If you soul transcends above
Clap your hands 3 times
If you feel like making love
Do it one more time

Long time, 1999
Rewind, 1999
Long time, 1999
Rewind, 1999
Long time, 1999
Rewind, 1999
Long time, 1999
Rewind, 1999

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